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Apple Macs on Credit Explained

by Jim ONeil on September 7, 2010

in electricals finance

Macs are known to be one of the most advanced and user friendly computers which are available today.
macs on credit picMost people who need a computer have a Mac on their wish list since these are considered to be one of the most highly sought after computers in the UK today.

However, the only drawback of Macs is that they are quite pricey which is understandable considering the advantages they offer to their users. There are not many people who can afford to pay for a brand new Mac from their savings. The easy way out for the rest of the people is to consider macs on credit.

Credit options available

Those who are considering getting a mac but do not have the funds to pay for it have plenty of options to buy one on credit. Almost all stores that sell computers today offer credit options to their buyers.
finance advice photoThere are even several great online stores which offer macs to their buyers on credit.

Depending on the store where you are planning to purchase the computer, the type of credit options available would vary. However, there are a few basic types of credit options which are quite common and are discussed below:

Easy monthly instalments

The simplest and the most common type of credit available to buyers is one where you can purchase the mac you want and pay for the amount in monthly instalments. In most cases, you would have to pay interest charges each month along with the cost of the computer. This is a good option for those who can only afford small payments each month to pay towards the computer. Generally, the term of the credit would be anywhere from 10 months to 24 months. Select a credit plan where you would be comfortable with the monthly instalment amounts.

Buy now pay later

The buy now pay later credit programs for macs on credit work in such a way that you would have to pay a deposit at the time of the purchase. There would generally be an interest free period during which if you make the full payment for the computer, there would not be any interest charges. This option is good for those who are expecting funds in a short time and are sure that they would be able to pay for the computer in full within the interest free period.

Hire purchase or lease

Computers today can also be bought on lease or a hire purchase. Under this option you would be able to use the computer for a fixed agreement period, after which you would be given an option to purchase the computer if you want.

Every month a small amount would have to be paid as rent. Macs on credit through hire purchase are good for those who like to keep upgrading their computers regularly.

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