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Argos on credit:Get The Facts

by Jim ONeil on September 8, 2010

in bad credit shopping

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Argos in UK is a very well known name. The brand has its stores all over the country where it retails its products across various categories.

Argos also has its own online store where all of its products are sold for added convenience.

Argos products are available through a wide range of categories like home and furniture, kitchen and laundry, sports and leisure and plenty of other categories.

Argos products are very widely sought after by homeowners in the UK and the best thing about these products is that there are plenty of great payment options available to purchasers.

Payment options available

A great way to shop Argos product is through Argos on credit. There are a few good payment options available for purchasers of the products as given below:

Interest free plan

The interest free plan for Argos on credit is where you would not have to pay any interest through the entire term of the plan. The monthly amount payable is calculated by dividing the credit amount by the term of the plan. There are no annual fees payable on the card but late payment fee would be applicable.

Buy now and pay later

Another plan for Argos on credit is buy now and pay later but a typical APR of 27.9% would be applicable on it. However, there are specified periods during which purchasers can opt out of the interest. There are no annual charges applicable on the card for this payment option.

Normal plan

In the normal plan too an APR of 27.9% is applicable. Interest free period is of 59 days during which, if the balance is paid off in full then no interest charges would be applicable. The minimum payment every month is 4% of the outstanding balance. No annual charges are applicable but late payment charges would be applicable on payments which are made after the due date.

Other than this, those who have an Argos card would also be eligible for several special offers and schemes which are launched by the company often.

The application process for the card is quite simple and can also be done online through the company’s website. Those who are interested in availing the card will simply have to fill up a form with their basic information and submit it. The application would then be reviewed and upon acceptance, the card would be dispatched.

However, like all cards, it is necessary that you understand each plan perfectly and ensure that it would be able to meet your requirements. The no interest charge plan is the best for those who want to avoid any interest charges on their purchases.

Depending on your personal requirements, Argos on credit can be used to manage your shopping and pay for the amount later on through monthly installments or as a lump sum amount if you are expecting funds later.

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