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Bad credit card history visa cards

by Jim ONeil on November 23, 2010

in credit cards

Credit cards are needed and are used by almost everyone in UK today. Whether it is for shopping online or offline, having a credit card can be very convenient rather than having cash with you at all times.
A credit card is a convenient way of shopping and even those with bad credit history today have options available to them when it comes to credit cards. Bad credit card history Visa is one of the options available to borrowers in UK.

Visa cards available to borrowers with bad credit history

Bad credit card history Visa cards are offered by several card companies in UK to borrowers with less than perfect credit history. Most standard cards would

not be available to borrowers with poor credit since the card companies that offer them will conduct a credit check on the applicant before they approve a card. For this reason, the bad credit borrowers would be required to apply for special bad credit cards. Some of the bad credit card history Visa cards that are available in UK today are BarclayCard Initial Visa, Capital One Classic Visa, Vanquis Bank Visa etc.

Things to check before applying for a credit card

Before applying for bad credit history Visa, there are several things that you will have to check and consider. Since credit cards can easily turn out to be very expensive, it will be very important to check the interest rates that will be applicable on your card. It can be a little tough to understand all the charges and fees that are charged by card companies but reading the terms and conditions and the fine print very carefully can be very helpful. Other than the interest rate too there can be several other charges that may be applicable like late payment fees, application fees etc. Check all of the details about the fees and compare the cards based on these fees.

Use online comparison tools

One of the easiest ways to find good deals on bad credit card history visa is to use some of the online comparison tools that are available. There are many good online brokers and special websites that offer information about credit cards like Money Supermarket, Loan Site, USwitch etc. Most of these sites offer free comparison tools so that you can compare all the options available in bad credit card history visa before you apply for one.

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