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Beds Buy Now Pay Later Made Simple

by Jim ONeil on September 7, 2010

in Furniture Finance

Bedroom furniture is one of the most essential parts of any home. Beds and other types of bedroom furniture needs to be replaced quite regularly; however, most homeowners today do not have the type of savings that are required in order to buy good quality beds.
bed finance
For this reason, there are plenty of well known stores and brands that today offer their beds on credit. There are several different types of finance plans available for those who want to purchase beds for their homes but do not currently have the money that is required for purchasing it.

Different types of finance options

To meet with the high demand for bedroom furniture in the UK and in order to boost sales, several furniture brands today offer their merchandise on credit to their buyers. Through finance options, buyers would be able to get the merchandise they want, even when they do not have the money to purchase it.
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On the other hand, the sellers can boost up their sales figures since finance options encourage buyers to purchase more. There are several different types of finance options available on bedroom furniture today. Interest free credit allows homeowners to pay for their purchases later in easy affordable monthly instalments. There would not be any monthly instalments payable on this option. Another very popular finance options is beds buy now pay later.

Buy now and pay later option

Beds buy now pay later is a very popular finance method. In UK there are plenty of great stores which offer their merchandise through this option. Generally, there is an interest free period which is specified by the store.

If the buyer makes the full payment for the purchased items within that period, there would not be any interest charges. The payments which are made after that period would be subject to interest payments.
Beds buy now pay later plans, however, can vary greatly depending on the store where the option is available.

Some stores also have different options within the buy now and pay later option. Purchases of higher amounts get a longer interest free period while lower amounts get a shorter interest free period. Depending on the store where you purchase the items, you might also have to pay a deposit fee against the credit.

Buy now and pay later finance option is good for those who currently do not have funds to pay for the bed but are expecting money in a short time.

This option should only be selected if you are sure that you would be able to pay the entire amount within the interest free period. If you fail to make the full payment within this period, you might have to pay extra interest and late payments can also be subject to late payment fees and other charges.

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