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Get the Best Buys Through No Credit Check Catalogues

by Jim ONeil on September 8, 2010

in bad credit shopping

Post image for Get the Best Buys Through No Credit Check Catalogues

This facility allows equal access to products and items on credit for all types of buyers notwithstanding their credit rating. There are companies that offer catalogue credit cards without requiring any form of credit verification process.

If you are in a bit of a serious financial bind and find the sudden need to buy some important stuff for the home or school, don’t despair as you still have a good chance of getting the things that you need through no credit check catalogues.

This is probably the best time for you to learn of the ins and outs of this facility that is designed primarily for those who are having transient financial difficulties which they expect to resolve in the near future.

The major reason why these catalogues are extremely popular especially nowadays is because no credit check is required before an application is approved.

Hence, those individuals with poor or even bad credit history stand the same chance of getting an approval as the other applicants availing this loan facility.
In fact, most stores offer higher credit limits to their clients who purchase more from them and the recommendation for the adjustment of the credit limit will largely depend on the actual payment performance by the client.

A low credit score is the major restriction of conventional credit cards. A poor or low credit score indicates that you are a credit risk to the creditors and thus a higher interest for loans that are extended to you.

Worse, you may not even be allowed to purchase the merchandise on credit. With all these things in consideration, the next best thing left for individuals with poor or bad credit history is to avail of no credit check catalogues.

These unsecured credit catalgoues deliver the same benefits enjoyed by clients with better credit score. Indeed, these no credit check catalogues are the best equalizer for people who are suffering from poor or bad credit history.

There are a lot of catalogues companies that do business in the UK. These companies offer attractive and not so attractive deals. It is incumbent upon those in need or interested in these facility to make their intelligent choice of the no credit check catalogues that deliver the best deals in town.

The more popular no credit check catalogues in the UK include Ace Catalogue Account, 24 Sudio Catalogue Home Shopping Online, Marshall Ward Catalogue, Currys, Additions General and Electricals, ad Littlewoods Direct.

These popular no credit check catalogues offer a broad range of products and items that will suit a wide range of taste and preference of buyers.

When choosing for the best no credit check catalogue credit cards, it is important to remember their basic difference from the regular credit cards. Please don’t confuse these with no credit check payday loans.

As opposed to thje conventional credit cards which can be used in practically all commercial establishments, the catalogue credit cards are limited only for the issuing retail outlet or online store.

That being the case, it is incumbent upon the user to assess the array of products and merchandise that is available in the pool of products being offered by the companies that issue no credit check catalogues.

It is also important that you compare the prices of these companies and focus on the establishment that can offer the most competitive prices of the products that you are interested in.

How Do No Credit Check Catalogues Work?

Customers can shop online with these catalogue services, making the process very convenient. They simply visit the company Web site and register for an account. A credit assessment is made during the registration process, with a spending limit imposed based on the results.

Customers do not submit any credit card details when ordering. Instead, they receive an invoice with their order and can choose to pay in full or spread their cost using a payment plan.

With standard delivery, customers should receive their order within seven to 14 business days. The company may provide online tracking services so consumers can stay updated regarding order status.

Some companies require that the first order be delivered to the home address, but permit an alternative address to be used for subsequent orders. Credit limit may be increased after several orders are made and paid timely.

Security-Related Matters

The online checkout process takes place over a secure Web site. Those who do not feel comfortable ordering online can request a hard copy of the catalog and place their orders over the telephone at any time or through the mail.

All customers should be aware that the company might share personal information for promotional, market research, and account administration purposes. Customers may request that personal details not be shared with third party companies.

Accepted Methods Of Payment

Customers can pay for their order in several ways, the most convenient of which is online via the company Web site. Telephone payments are also typically accepted using Visa Debit, Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard, though a processing charge may be imposed.

Customers may also be permitted to pay at their bank by completing the bank giro slip attached to their statement. Postal order or check payment is also accepted by most companies.

Payment Plans

One of the most attractive aspects of these catalogues is the ability to select a payment method and spread payments over time.

• Direct debit: a monthly statement is sent, listing the minimum amount due. Customers make installment payments using direct debit. Service and financing charges are applied, with a typical variable APR of approximately 30 percent.

• Bank giro, cheque, credit card, debit card, or postal order: a monthly statement is sent, listing the minimum amount due and payable within approximately21 days. The payment is made using one of the methods listed. If the balance is not repaid in full, service and financing charges apply, with a typical variable APR of approximately 45 percent.

• Short-term revised payment plan: this is available for individuals who cannot afford to make their monthly payment and are not covered by Payment Protection Insurance. The revised payment plan will run a maximum of three months and is only available upon customer request.

Catalogue Returns

Most catalogue companies have a policy of accepting returns within a specified timeframe. Customers may have the option of requesting a refund or replacement. Not all items may qualify for return, two  examples being personalized items and activated mobile phones.

Faulty items may be accepted for return within a longer period, such as 12 months. If an item arrives damaged, the customer should report this shortly after receiving the shipment

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