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Car loan with bad credit history

by Jim ONeil on November 26, 2010

in Bad Credit History Help

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Purchasing a new car can be a very special time in anyone’s life.

Car financing or car loans are what most people rely on when they want to purchase a new or a used car since it is not really possible for most people to afford to pay up front charges for purchasing a car.

However, for borrowers with less than perfect credit history, the options that are available will be somewhat limited.

Fortunately, car loan bad credit history is offered by a few willing loan providers which make it easier for these borrowers to purchase their dream car.

Getting a co-signer can help

Getting a co-signer can increase your chances of getting a car loan bad credit history. There are several loan companies that may ask you to get a co-signer for the loan if you have bad credit history.

The co-signer will need to have a decent credit history and it can be either a parent, spouse, family member or friend.

The co-signer will the like the co-applicant for the loan and will be responsible in the event that you fail to make the loan repayment.

However, there are several loan companies that do not even ask for co-signers for their car loan bad credit history.

Car loans that do not require credit checks

A car loan bad credit history is one where the loan company will not conduct a credit check on the applicant. With the help of a loan of this nature, you will be able to secure finance for your car without having to think about the credit history. These lenders will offer you the loan even if you have IVAs, CCJs or arrears in your history. Several car lots specifically cater to bad credit borrowers since the number of people in UK that have bad credit has increased drastically in the last few years.

Online lenders can be especially helpful when you are looking for a car loan bad credit history. There are a number of lenders as well as special websites online which can make it easier for you to find car financing even with poor credit history. These lenders offer options of all kinds and can even offer leasing contracts that do not require any credit checks. These are sub prime lenders that will even accept borrowers that have been rejected by the mainstream loan companies.

There are also a few special motoring websites online that have provide help to borrowers for finding loan companies that offer car loan bad credit history. Websites like Loan Site, First Choice Loans and Car Finance 247 can be very helpful since you will be able to find good information about loan products, lenders as well as get access to some of the best deals online for car loan bad credit history.

Peter J Purse

Great article , I never knew about getting a co signer. I have a bad credit history and luckily my uncle agreed to help with a loan as we really need a new car for the twins


Hi Peter

Glad this helped you get a car loan with bad credit history. Co-signing can come in very handy

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