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Credit cards and bad credit history in brief

by Jim ONeil on November 18, 2010

in credit cards

A large number of people in UK today are struggling with bad credit history.There can be many reasons for bad credit but the fact is that it will definitely affect your chances of getting an approval for any kind of credit when you approach a lender.

The same holds true for credit cards. Almost everyone in UK today either has a credit card or is interested in applying for one. However, finding credit cards bad credit history can be a little tough.

The mainstream credit card companies do not provide any approvals to borrowers with bad credit history. However, there are a few options that are still available.

Apply for a prepaid card

In most cases, credit cards bad credit history tend to be prepaid cards. Prepaid cards do not require any credit check since you would have to load the money on the card yourself before you can actually use the card. Even though this is not essentially a traditional card, it can still be a good option if you want the convenience of using a card for shopping or if you are interested solely in making your credit history better. There are several UK based credit card companies that offer prepaid credit cards bad credit history like Kalixa, CashPlus Gold Flexiplus, Escape Prepaid Mastercard, Virgin Prepaid Monthly etc.

How can a credit card help you improve your credit ratings?

Credit cards bad credit history can be a good way of improving your credit ratings. However, it is important for you to be realistic when you apply for a credit card and even when you use it. Ensure that you do not use your card for anything that you may not be able to afford paying or later. It is important to be regular on the payments of credit card if you want to improve your credit ratings over time. This will ensure that you not only have good relationship with the card company but also get a chance to improve your credit history over time. This would be a good way of increasing your chances of getting an approval for a standard credit card in the future.

Things to consider

Although credit cards bad credit history may be a good way for you to get approval for a credit card, there are a few things that you will have to remember. Bad history credit cards will definitely cost you. The lenders target borrowers with bad credit history and since the risk for the lenders is higher, they would charge higher fees than the standard interest rates in order to make up for their risks. Think about the interest rates and your own repayment capability before applying for credit cards bad credit history.

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looking for a card to help me pay for derv looking for £1000 limit

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