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Currys on Credit – A Concise Review

by Jim ONeil on September 7, 2010

in electricals finance

In UK, Currys is a leading chain of superstores which cater to a wide variety of customers in Britain. Currys has an extensive product range which includes communications, computing, refrigeration, laundry, cooking, photographic technology, audio, home theater, DVD and digital vision. Currys has as many as 505 stores throughout UK and 9 in Ireland.currys computer finance pic
Because of the wide network of stores that Currys currently has in UK, it remains one of the most popular store chains for customers to purchase electronic items and computer peripherals. Currys also has an online store through which customers would be able to purchase all the items that are sold in the stores without having to leave their home.

Currys products on credit

Like most well known stores, Currys too offers a few finance options to its buyers. In order to be successful, stores today have to make finance options available to its customers so that they can afford to purchase the items sold in their advisor picture
One of the most basic ways in which this works is that customers can purchase an item according to their choice and pay for it later in monthly installments.

Stores generally have a tie up with a credit provider through which they can offer different types of credit facilities to their customers.

Should you go for credit?

Currys on credit can be a good or a bad option, depending on how you handle the credit extended. One of the most basic methods of availing credit is through the 0% interest credit or the no interest credit option.

Under this type of credit program, you would be able to purchase the item of your choice and would have to pay the amount due within the interest free period. In currys, this period is generally 12 months within which if you pay the installments and clear the full amount due, you would not have to pay interest on the credit extended to you.

However, there are a few things which you would have to keep in mind if you are thinking about Currys on credit. The first thing to keep in mind is that you should only go for this credit option if you are confident that you would be able to pay for the purchase in full before the end of the interest free period.

If you fail to do so, you would have to pay a very high interest amount on the purchase. Also, it is advisable to go through the agreement document very carefully and pay extra attention to the fine print even if the plan has been explained to you by the store clerks.

In several cases, you might end up having to pay a hefty fee or interest charge if you are not careful enough and haven’t read the agreement document carefully when you sign up for Currys on credit.

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