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No credit check mobile phones and bad credit contract mobiles available now

by Jim ONeil on September 9, 2010

in bad credit shopping

Have You Had Problems Getting A New Phone On Contract? Get A Great New Phone Or Smart Phone Even With A Bad Credit History…

Here’s How It Works….

Mobile phones like many technological gadgets change quickly with new features being added all the time. Buying the very latest handset with all the bells and whistles can cost quite a lot…in many cases hundreds of pounds.

Trying to get one on contract can cost you even more when your credit score isn’t as good as it could be.

This is where we can help you….

Phase One: Find The Best Mobile Phone Deal

Search for the handset, tariff and contract combo using our advanced search features. It is very simple to search by manufacturer, make model and price by utilising the “text search” or our even more advanced “search deal finder”. There are currently over 500,000 deals in the database waiting for you to discover them.

Phase Two: Place Your Order

Once you have been directed to the mobile phone and contract providers web ordering form you need to follow their instructions and fill in your details…it’s all very simple and takes very little time. You then need to wait for the confirmation to come through. You will hear quite quickly via either email, text or phone.

Phase Three: Take Delivery Of Your New Phone

Delivery of your new phone usually takes no longer than 1-3 days after your order has successfully gone through. Signing for your delivery and accepting your great new phone is the final stage:)


More Bad Credit Mobile Information…

No credit check mobile phones can be obtained if your credit history isn’t so good. People who are planning of getting brand new mobile phones can decide between two options – pay as you go option or contract mobile phone option.

The “green start now” graphic above will give you a much better chance of getting approved TODAY.

The primary reason why people prefer the contract mobile phone option is because the mobile phone unit is offered for free which is a feature that is not possible under the pay as you go option.

We have gone thorough and carefully reviewed the best no credit check mobile phone deals around and teamed up with a great provider who in most cases can get you the phone you need and fast.

What is a contract then?

A contract is basically the agreement that a subscriber executes with his phone service provider that allows him/her to stay with the company for a prescribed length of time and pay them a fixed amount of regular payments.

In the past this has been a problem if your credit isn’t so great….not so anymore….

The contract option is an attractive choice for those individuals who are planning to use a fixed and regular contact number for an extended period of time.

This setup also allows you to conveniently transfer the same contact number if you decide to change to a new mobile phone unit.

The contract mobile phone can be used as your tool in tracking and managing your mobile phone expenses as you are properly informed in advance how much you are spending. It is a much better and more credible option than pay-as-you go.

The only caveat for this kind of option is that you will be paying extra as soon as you go over your consumable allocation in terms of call times and sms. You just have to be sensible and not go overboard texting or making hundreds of 3 hour phone calls cross network:)

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