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No Credit Check Payday Loans Exposed

by Jim ONeil on September 8, 2010

in short term loans

If you are faced with an emergency and you find yourself in need of extra money then your best option might be a no credit check payday loan.

Some lenders do not approve payday loans unless the applicant provides bank statements and proof of employment. However, not all follow this rule so it is possible to find an online loan application from a lender that does not require this documentation to be faxed.

Most of the time as long as you meet the basic requirements of this type of quick cash loan you can get the loan proceeds within 24 hours.

Using an online lender speeds the process because these organizations instantly approve and quickly deposit funds.

While loans bank and credit union issued typically have a lengthy application and approval process, payday loans do not. Each payday lender has a different set of guidelines but all are characterized by some general aspects.

They offer quick funding over the short-term without requiring collateral. Most are no credit check loans but each may have varying specifications in terms of income and loan amount.

Required documentation is another aspect that varies between payday lenders. Some lenders require bank statements and proof of employment. When applying in person, the individual brings this documentation to the loan office with the application.

If an online application is submitted, the lender usually permits the documentation to be faxed. Paycheck stubs, driver license, and details regarding the checking account are included in the required documentation.

An online no fax, no credit check loan is a faster and more convenient option. Once the online application is completed and submitted electronically, the lender verifies the information and may deposit the money into the checking account within hours of loan approval.

For anyone who needs cash immediately, this can be a lifesaver. This type of quick loan also offers the convenience of different options for filing of loan applications.

When looking for this type of funding, compare the late fees and loans apr to find the lowest cost loan. Have information like monthly income, checking account details, and requested amount ready prior to completing the loan application.

Within just a few hours, the requested money may be available for use, without needing to leave home to get it.

These no credit check payday loans may be described as your financial relief on the fast lane.

It is normal for those who secure this type of loan to get their approval and the release of the amount applied for within hours after the filing of the loan application.

Most companies expect that these no credit check payday loans are designed for those individuals who will not qualify for traditional loan options that require a good credit rating.

However, one should understand that is just a coincidental feature of the loan as the main purpose is to provide for a ready source of cash to meet emergency requirement and bridge your finances until you are able to earn and receive your periodic pay.

It is important that you accomplish a payment request to the lending company in order to formalize the repayment arrangement that you will have to follow for your no credit check payday loans.

Make sure that you accomplish and submit the payment request before your loan falls due or your lender will deduct the entire amount when the due date comes around.

If you have internet access, you can conveniently file your application for a no credit check payday loan from your home or office at anytime of the day or even during the evening.

Your application will be approved and the loan proceeds released within the day for as long as you meet the terms and conditions.


In order to qualify for no credit check payday loans, applicants are only required to meet the minimum requirements by lending companies.

If the lenders are able to determine that you have to capacity to pay the loan then your application is approved.

Evaluation by the lender will likely involve consideration of your age, residence status, regular monthly income and your checking account.

If you are able to meet the basic requirements and agree to the terms and conditions of the loan, then your application is approved and the funds can be released within 24 hours.

No Credit Check Payday Loans: Repaying Your Debts Without Sacrificing Your Assets

Having a poor credit score is a very bad thing when a person is in debt. People whose credit is anything less than perfect are having trouble securing cheap loans these days. Those with bad credit are lucky if they qualify for any financing. When they need a loan, people with low credit scores should consider financing designed especially for them.

Payday loans fall into this category of lending, which does not require a credit check for approval. People with IVAs, CCJs, late or missed payments, and eve those in foreclosure, insolvency, and bankruptcy should qualify. The amount of financing granted is based on the financial situation of the borrower and usually falls between £1,000 and £25,000. The repayment period ranges from six months to about ten years, determined by the sum provided.

With these loans, debt becomes less of an issue because the money can be used to consolidate or repay outstanding balances. There is no need to submit assets like a car, stock certificate, or home to serve as collateral. This is a no-risk way to get the money needed to repay outstanding debts. The only drawback is that the loans APR is quite high compared to traditional financing.

Some of these lenders operate online, allowing customers to apply for financing from the comfort of home. The free electronic application is usually short since no credit details are required. Once the lender verifies the personal and earnings information submitted, the money is transferred to a bank account held by the borrower.

In many cases, the entire transaction can be accomplished online. The bank account used to receive the money usually must have been opened at least three months prior. When funds are received, they can be used for any legitimate purpose, no questions asked. Repaying the loan before the stated repayment date reduces the amount of interest paid.

Beware The Pitfalls With UK Payday Loans

As the UK government attempts to reduce its debt level, residents feel the effects. Many are being forced to alter personal budgets to decrease expenses. During positive economic times, some accumulated debts that are now coming due.

General price increases and declining salaries make it difficult for many people to reduce loans debt and consolidate other payables.

Some UK residents take payday loans to keep themselves afloat financially during times like these. Though this financing can be very useful, some lenders are out to take advantage of consumers.

They offer loans APR as high as 2,000 percent, making this option quite expensive. Lenders typically charge a fee of about £30 per each £100 borrowed.

Loan amounts range from approximately £50 to £1,500 and terms of 30 days or less are common. If the loan term is extended, additional fees are charged. People maintaining a payday loan balance will find themselves paying thousands of percent in interest.

Therefore, it is important that the borrower be able to repay the loan within the initial term to prevent loans debt from getting out of hand.

Payday loans are just one type of financing available to many UK consumers. Bank overdrafts and credit card cash advances are alternatives that may be much less expensive. Though credit card interest rates are high compared to a traditional loan, the rate will be much lower than a payday loan if the balance is repaid within the month.

For those who have access to them, bank overdrafts may be the best option. They feature a lower rate of interest and often have a longer repayment term. Before applying for a payday loan, individuals should inquire with their bank regarding overdraft availability.

If a payday loan is the only option, borrowers should budget enough cash to repay the loan within the initial term.

Bad Credit Can Be A Downfall When Borrowing

Consumers do not always have cash available to make a large purchase. If their credit score is good, they are usually approved for a credit card or bank loan and use this financing to pay for the purchase. Individuals with poor credit have fewer options, especially since the global financial crisis.

Banks have implemented more stringent lending criteria and this means that if your credit score is low, you are not likely to be approved for a loan.

This is when people get desperate, pawning their most prized possessions just to get some cash. Regret eventually sets in when people realize that many of these items are irreplaceable. Had they just taken the time to explore all their options, they would have found a better way to handle the situation. With a no credit check payday loan, a borrower is not required to present any assets in exchange for the money.

No credit check loans are designed for people with no credit, bad credit, or a credit score considered less than good. Some of them even have a credit-rebuilding feature, enabling borrowers to improve their credit score through loan repayment.

Individuals get the money they need and have the added benefit of repairing their weak credit standing. By using this type of no credit check loan, they can improve the credit score to the level required for traditional bank lending.

Fast and convenient application and funding adds to the attractiveness of these loans. However, the benefits often end here, as the repayment period can be very short and the interest rate is usually extremely high. This is the price borrowers pay for having poor credit and this is where many of them dig themselves into a hole.

No credit check payday loans are only beneficial when they are affordable. Before applying for one, review the household budget to make sure the monthly loan payment can be accommodated. A high interest rate and other fees can make payments rather expensive.

If there is any question about whether the loan is affordable, it is better to pass on this financing. Just one late or missed payment can lead to a financial crisis in the future. The last thing a poor credit borrower needs is to lower the credit score due to additional debt.

Even if the budget review reveals that the loan payments are affordable, people should be cautious when considering these loans. Is there enough extra cash on hand to deal with an unexpected financial setback? If the person is made redundant, can he or she continue making loan payments until a new job is found? These are just two of the many things to consider before applying for a no credit check payday loan.

Having poor credit really does complicate things financially. However, that is not to say that these loans cannot be beneficial. When the monthly payment is affordable, a budget cushion exists, and the loan is repaid during the initial term, this financing can meet a temporary need. In some cases, it can even help improve the credit score.

Beware Of Poor Practices With Payday Lenders

The consumer group Which? recently conducted a mystery shopping experiment with several providers of payday loans. What it found was Consumer Credit Act breaches, inflated loans APR, and insufficient Web site security features.

In addition, it discovered that lenders are encouraging more borrowing than is necessary and promoting the rollover of existing loans several times.

As a result of its study, Which? has reported the lenders Swiftmoney and Paydaykong to the Office of Fair Trading. Swiftmoney did not publish the loans APR on its Web site and it appears that Paydaykong did not have a valid Consumer Credit License.

The study also publicized the lax security on several lending Web sites, including the requirement to enter bank account information on an unsecured page.

Casheuronet was reported to the Information Commissioners Office by Which? This company operates Quickquid and Quick-payday and issued numerous unsolicited phone calls and third party emails in the days that followed a loan application.

The lender had previously stated that it did not sell customer information to third parties.

The study revealed that payday lenders generally charge £20 to £35 for a £100 loan. The most expensive lender was Wonga, which had a £36.72 fee for a £100 30-day loan, which equates to a 4,394 percent APR. Borrowing the same amount using an authorized overdraft through Co-operative Bank, a provider recommended by the consumer group, costs only £1.35.

Which? Executive Director Richard Lloyd stated that payday loans may seem like a good solution when savings cannot tide people over until the end of the month. However, they can be very expensive and many lenders engage in poor practices such as those detailed above.

Consumers who are struggling financially should first talk with their bank because a temporary overdraft extension is often safer and less expensive. A payday loan should be considered a last resort.

Payday Loans – When To Take Them And When To Avoid Them

The short-term payday loan has gotten a bad name over the years. In some situations, this financing can be quite useful and in others, it can lead to a mountain of debt. Loans APR can reach as high as 4,000 percent so this is far from inexpensive financing.

Despite the cost, when a payday loan is used carefully, it can provide much-needed financial help.

The Citizens Advice Bureau reported that debt from payday lending has quadrupled in the UK in the past two years. Before taking a payday loan, an individual should make sure that repayment is feasible. Responsible payday lenders verify the financial stability of borrowers and make sure these individuals do not have other outstanding payday loans.

A short-term loan like this can be effective in several situations. A car repair is one because people often cannot wait until the end of the month to get the vehicle back on the road. An oversight can lead to failure to budget for a quarterly bill or television license renewal, in which case a payday loan can cover the expense.

Household emergencies like a broken appliance or issues with the plumbing or electrical system require quick cash. A family emergency may require last-minute travel. Money from the loan can be used to cover an airplane or train ticket.

When the next paycheck arrives, the loan should be repaid in full, if possible.

Despite their usefulness, payday loans are not always the best answer to a situation. A social event does not constitute a financial emergency and should never be funded by a payday loan. It is also not dire to purchase new clothing, so place shopping on hold until the paycheck arrives.

Buying holiday gifts with payday loan money is also not recommended. Friends and family will understand and will love handmade gifts.

One Payday Lender Gets A Jump On Accident Season

Lending Stream is an online short-term lender based in England. The company strives to make it easier for UK residents to get payday loans in a flash. No stringent requirements are imposed and applicants are not required to fax any documents. With a fast turnaround time, borrowers receive their cash quickly enough to satisfy an emergency. That situation is just what Lending Stream recently positioned itself to handle any time, any day.

Research indicates that early November to Christmas is one of the riskiest periods for emergencies and accidents that create large and unanticipated expenses. Lending Stream invested in cutting-edge technology to deal with this situation. With its new system, it has become the only online lender to offer funds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Yes, 365 days- bank and public holidays included.

Whether a car accident results from an icy road or dark commute or the boiler goes on the fritz, the family budget can take quite a hit. When people need cash quickly, they often bypass the loans cheapest on the market because the process takes too long. Instead, they turn to payday lenders because these organizations deliver cash in the blink of an eye.

‘Tis the season for drunken reveling and slips and falls, leading to expensive hospital bills. Lending Stream offers an easy, secure, and convenient loan application that can be completed from a hospital bed. The company supports multiple payment methods, each of which is made using a secure process. Whether a holiday party or a slippery walk from the car lands person in the hospital, a loan application can be completed in the middle of the night.

Lending Stream reports that its payday loans average £200. However, borrowers are free to apply for any amount between £50 and £1,000. After completing and submitting an online loan application, the details are quickly verified and the approved amount is securely transferred to the designated bank account in a few minutes. Borrowers may use the money to get their car back on the road, fix or replace the boiler, pay the hospital bill, or for nearly any other reason.

In addition to speed and convenience, this company offers a longer repayment period for its payday loans. This eases the mind of a borrower who has holiday shopping to do. Loan payments are smaller because borrowers have up to six months to repay, resulting in less strain on the household budget. Payday loans APR is far from low but Lending Stream makes things a bit less painful. Early repayment is permitted in order to reduce interest charges. During these times of rising prices, it is nice to be able to save money.

By its nature, an emergency or accident is unexpected. When it is a costly one, things can become quite stressful for the individual, especially around the holidays. If the bank account balance is dwindling, payday loans may be the best solution for short-term cash needs. Lending Stream has positioned itself to provide this financing day or night, every day of the year.

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