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Payday Cash Advance Loans Simplified

by Jim ONeil on September 8, 2010

in short term loans

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Even the best laid plans can come undone when the unexpected crops up. Yes, you have planned your finances to a T, and you based it on your meager salary. And the unexpected cropped up – maybe in the form of a medical emergency, or a one-time business opportunity, or perhaps an unplanned wedding, after all, we are talking here of things that were not foreseen. If only it were already payday, you could have just made ends meet.

However, financial institutions have come with a way of helping those with financial emergency issues and who are able to pay back once payday arrives and they call it payday cash advance loans.

This loan is generally lesser than the usual loans and is intended as a short-term credit to be paid once payday arrives, and that is the reason why it is sometimes termed as cash advance.
There are laws that regulate this particular loan even in the United Kingdom and it would not harm to check on these legislation’s first and look at its legal boundaries.

Just recently, brought about by the global economic situation, payday cash advance loans have had a steady increase in takers, to the tune of more than one hundred thirty percent. Strangely, the laws on loans in the United Kingdom are a bit lax compared to those in the United States and other western countries. In fact it is so lax it may have been exposed to abuse already. Because there are no usury limits, a certain United Kingdom loan institution has a staggering interest rate that amounts to 1355%.

The trend in loans offers interest rates in the vicinity of 15% to 30%. That is for payday cash advance loans, which by computation should only take a maximum of two weeks or fifteen days. You may notice that this type of loans and other emergency short-term loans have higher interest charges than normal mortgage charges, around 390% yearly.

Normally, the procedure is, the borrower issues a check dated on the day of salary amounting to the cash advance and the accrued interest charges and the lender either cashes out the check on the maturity date waits for the borrower to return to the office and pay in cash. In the event that the borrower is unable to pay due to some unforeseen crisis or maybe even force majeure, the loan payment plan is extended to accommodate the borrower.

When applying for payday cash advance loans, lending institutions as a general rule require the submission of your most recent pay slips, probably the latest until two months back, just to prove that you are gainfully employed and has the capability to pay back.

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