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Tesco Loans For International Students

by Jim ONeil on September 9, 2010

in student finance

These loans are a good option when they are in urgent need of cash, read on to know if these loans are good for you.

Tesco loans for international students are available for international students who are in need of money; these loans allow you to continue study without any problems. These types of loans are very useful for planned expenditures or if you have any emergency, one can get a loan easily from Tesco. Tesco is very common in UK, since every 8 GBP transacted in the retail business involves Tesco. While any type of loan does involve some risk, Tesco loans do have their own benefits.

Main Benefits of Tesco Loans

There are various lucrative options with Tesco loans; if you need funds you should availing the loan benefits. Tesco is not a new player in UK since it has been operating successfully in the country since quite some time.
Also, international student loans offered by Tesco now help students to meet with their financing needs. Most of these loans feature flexibility and adaptability and so Tesco loans are quite popular in UK. Tesco loans are very useful when in emergency since they are also available easily.

One can plan their expenditure and repay the loan as and when they want. However, students would have to be careful when they avail a loan since they have limited income sources to pay the loans back.
All Tesco loans are suitable for graduates and are subject to a few conditions.

Tesco loans can be availed only by those who are over 18 years of age. These loans include the payment holiday option. Written quotations for these loans can be availed through the company’s website. The interest is charged for the entire loan term including the payment break if this option is availed. Tesco also offers high interest rate loans to those who do not fit into their credit criteria.

The Holiday option

Tesco loans for international students feature a holiday term on their loans which is quite a lucrative option. Through this option, students would get a holiday term for three months during which they would not have to pay any instalments.

One should opt for a two month repayment break at the beginning of the loan:

  • By doing so one would not have to make any payments for 3 months from the date the funds are released.
  • Students can use this loan for paying off other debts and can use remaining funds wisely. One can borrow from 3000 pounds to 25000 pounds without any set up fees.

The main features

  • Typical APR of 6.9%
  • You have an option for balance transfer
  • Fixed rate loans that avoid any rate change payment change
  • One can repay the loan whenever they want or a time frame that suits them
  • These loans come with an option of payment protection insurance.

Tesco loans for international students is a good option for meeting with finance requirements for students.

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