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Titanium Cashplus Prepaid Mastercard

by Jim ONeil on September 7, 2010

in debit cards

The UK is among the countries that have badly suffered the brunt of the global financial crisis.
With a number of corporations and industries going bankrupt, many Britons lost their jobs and ended up in enormous debts. In an effort to recover, many are trying not to overspend. Thus, the prepaid debit cards come in handy.Titanium Cashplus Prepaid Mastercard

The Titanium Cashplus Prepaid Mastercard is among the popular prepaid debit cards in the UK. Unlike the credit card wherein you spend now and play later, or the usual debit card that is linked to a bank account, the Titanium Cashplus Prepaid Mastercard allows you to spend only the amount that has been topped into your Titanium cashplus account.
credit card adviceApplying for this card is relatively easy. Since no credit check is required, a poor credit standing does not affect one’s chances of approval.

Also, it can be used to pay for almost anything as long as there is sufficient money in your account. It can be used online, by phone, and in store for everyday purchases such as groceries, petrol, paying bills, booking travel, and even reloading your mobile phone. The Titanium Cashplus Prepaid Mastercard can be used in over 26 million retail outlets and over one million ATMs worldwide, wherever the Mastercard acceptance mark is displayed!

There are three simple ways to top up your account:

  1. your employer can pay your wages directly into your Titanium cashplus account;
  2. you can go to any Post Office branch in the UK; or
  3. you can go to the 700 plus retail outlets and 5,000 e-pay outlets.

The amount you may top-up varies. If you have been fully verified, the maximum amount you may top-up is £5,000 per day provided that your balance does not exceed the £5,000 maximum limit. If you have not been fully verified, the maximum amount you may top-up is £1,500 within 12 months.

Once the £1,500 maximum limit is reached, you will not be able to make further top-ups within the 12 months unless you upgrade your account. But this should not be a problem because upgrading your account is easy. You just need to follow simple instructions.

In the event that your Titanium Cashplus Prepaid Mastercard is lost or stolen, you may block the card even before reporting it. You can do so by visiting the Member’s Area and selecting “block a card?”.

Your card will then be “suspended” but not replaced. To do that, you need to speak to a customer service representative at 0871 277 5599, or +44 207 153 8940 if you are abroad.

Indeed, the Titanium Cashplus Prepaid Mastercard offers convenience, flexibility, and a great way to save and manage your finances.

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