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Toyota Logbook Loans Explained

by Jim ONeil on September 8, 2010

in car loans

Toyota logbook loans are fast easy and convenient secured loans given against the logbook of a car.logbook loans pic
The logbook is in simple words the vehicle registration certificate issued by the DVLA (Driving and Vehicle licensing Agency) and contains entries regarding details of the car and the owner like:

The registered owner, car model and color, chassis number, vehicle identification number and present registration m ark.

Online lenders and lending companies have designed these loans especially to cater to a rising number of people with bad credit ratings as well as those having difficulty securing other kinds of personal loans in these times of credit crunch.
logbook loan advisor pic
You need to submit the logbook of your car as security and u can easily avail a loan of up to £50,000 in no time at all.

Depending on the current value of your car as well as your repayment ability, you can get a loan from £500 to £50,000 by only submitting the logbook for your car. You do not have to submit your car as security which means you even get to use your car while you repay the loan amount.

The logbook is returned to the borrower as soon as the loan is completely repaid.

The eligibility criteria

The eligibility requirements for secured Toyota logbook loans are fairly simple and straightforward. The Loan seeker must be a citizen of the UK and over 18 years of age. The logbook of the car to be pledged must be registered in the name of the loan seeker.

The car must not be older than 8 years and free of any previous financial claims. The borrower must have a verifiable, steady and regular source of income.

The taxes and insurance of the car must be paid and up to date. Bad credit ratings are not a problem in availing logbook loans and the lender don’t run any credit checks, which makes logbook loans especially easy and convenient. Even problematic cases like credit defaulters, CCJ, etc can easily get these loans.

Logbook loans are very swift and easy to apply for. All you need to do is a fill an online application form with details about yourself and your vehicle.

The lenders will get back to you immediately with further terms and documents to be submitted; as soon as these formalities are completed you will have the amount deposited in your account. They will place a tracker in your car but leave it with you till you repay the amount borrowed.

Car logbook loans are the latest solution to those urgent desperate fund needs. In just a few simple steps you can get the money you require for any need without the baggage of your credit rating or having to put up your home or property as collateral.

There are many online lenders and logbook loan companies that are providing these loans. The interest rates often vary so it is always best to look around before you decide on one. The interest rates can be slightly high so it is important to use these loans only for urgent and short-term fund requirements.

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