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Useful Financial Resources

by Jim ONeil on September 10, 2010

in Guides

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Given below is a list of some useful financial website resources.

You can use these websites to gain some knowledge into the world of business and finance and keep up to date with the latest new items.

This resource list has been categorized in two different sections- UK and the World.

The UK section has websites which are based in UK or have a UK slant.

The World category has several websites from USA and other parts of the world like Middle East and Europe.

UK Financial Times

FT or the Financial Times is updated frequently with the latest finance news. If you are looking for news relevant to UK, please visit UK page. The only downside with FT is that for accessing some articles you would have to open up an account which is free but expires quite quickly.

BBC News

BBC News offers an easy navigate, easy access news service online. The Business Section offers the latest news on all business related topics- companies, economy, Your Money, markets and money.

UK Reuters

The UK section of Reuters, which is a global financial service offers a detailed look at investing, financial and business news along with sports, breaking news and personal finance.


Wikipedia has plenty of information which is constantly updated. You can use this resource to get some unbiased information on finance and conduct a research on related topics.

London Stock Exchange

You can get all the information about the markets of the Stock Exchange- market news, equities and UK shares. You would also be able to get some background general information about the stock exchange.

Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph is a very useful resource since it provides an online newspaper version which is very regularly updated. The homepage of the site includes various hot topics like the latest news, finance and banks.

The Independent

This resource provides a comprehensive newspaper online version. The business section of the site includes analysis, comments and ShareWatch.

Times Online

Times Online is the online service of The Times. There is a UK edition as well as  global edition available for readers. The business section of the site includes jobs and careers, industry sectors, economy and markets.

The Guardian

This is the online edition of the Guardian newspaper. This is a great resource for getting the latest news, reviews, comments, business and sports. The business part of the site includes comments, recession, economics, credit crunch and markets.

TIME Magazine

The TIME’s online version provides great breaking news, politics and analysis. The Tech and Business sections include quotes, blogs, analysis and business news. TIME is based in US but it also has a separate version for US.

The Daily Mail

The Mail Online is the online version of Daily Mail. You would be able to access Showbiz and TV, sports, news and the latest economic and financial news.

Financial News

This website contains interesting articles on various topics like technology, trading, investment banking and asset management with a separate US edition, a useful resource for special financial news.

The Spectator

The Spectator is a political magazine and the online edition includes various articles on book clubs, wine, news, business and politics. The Business section includes stock prices, business news and a trading blog.

Yahoo Finance- Ireland and UK

Yahoo Finance for Ireland and UK would provide you the latest news on recession as well as finance, international exchange and market data.


MSN provides the latest information on various different types of financial topics. The UK page provides the latest news on funds, markets, economy and UK economy.


AOL money is a comprehensive resource on financial news. It provides news on financial products, energy and many other related topics. There is also live equity indices and market news.

Lloyd’s- London

Lloyd’s is the best website if you want to stay informed on the current market news in London. The website offers the latest developments on the insurance market in London. The homepage of the website provides information about the London market and Lloyd’s. The news Center features the latest stories and various announcements like interim reports along with news stories.

Standard and Poor

This is one of the leading companies which keeps you up to date on a variety of topics like fund services, investment research, indices and credit ratings. The news items on the website are frequently updated.

A.M. Best

A.M. Best is also one of the largest analysis and credit ratings companies. The website of the company provides you access to research, news, captive, banking and all the related industry information. \



The website is a source for comprehensive information. The website is packed with information on currencies news, stocks, industries, deals, markets, finance and business. The website also features a live currency convertor, market updates and detailed news pieces.

Europe edition Wall Street Journal

The Europe edition of Wall Street Journal is a great source for keeping up to date with breaking stories and latest news and includes a separate UK section. The site is regularly updated and contains opinion, lifestyle, market data, markets and business information.

NY Stock Exchange

The NYSE website is packed with information on what is new in the US and the world markets as well as background and inside information. You would be able to get the latest on listings, equities, bonds, indices and market data.

ABC News

ABC News provides its online version for the readers. You would be able to access politics, money, world news, feature stories and breaking news. The US based company’s website has a US slant.


CNN News, like several other competitors offers its readers an online news edition. The website features US news and comment and the other sections include crime, politics, business and world. The website’s business section provides information on small businesses, personal finance, markets and many other related topics.


CNBC provides its readers an online version of news for the latest in world market, financial earnings, business news and stock market information. The website is US based and has plenty of information and relevant articles.

The Financial Times online news edition includes a comprehensive world edition which has the latest comments and news articles on the Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and Canada and US. There are several other subsections on market data, companies and markets. A good source of information but you might have to register to access the articles.


Bloomberg provides business news, market data, investment tools and breaking news. The website is good for financial as well as business news since their expertise lies there. The site also features live updates and stock news.


Moodys is a website based in US and it provides useful information on topics like financial metrics, credit trends, rating news and corporate finance.

Business week

Business week provides the latest news from around the world on its website. Stories related to the financial sector are provided in the economy section.

Xe. Com

The websites provides updates and the latest currency news. The website also presents articles on currency trading, Forex news and currency charts for cross reference.

The Canadian economy

This online resource provides a complete guide to get knowledge on the Canadian economy along with unemployment rate, federal debt, S&P composite index and statistics. The website also has an inflation calculation and currency converter.

AME Info

AME Info from the Middle East is the ultimate resource for business in the Middle East. It presents many different sections including economy, finance, gas, energy oil, banking and aviation, a useful resource for information on the business world in the Middle East.

European Commission

The European commission is a very easy to navigate website which presents news on he European economy. It provides relevant articles in a PDF format.

Spiegel Online International

This is a news network from Germany which provides its international edition online in English. Some of the sections include the latest news items for Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. The section for business includes stories and items from all over the world. The website is a useful resource to get an insight on the latest news items.

India Business News

This is the first Indian business magazine online. The different sections on the website include economy, markets, companies and people. Get the latest Indian news as well as stories from the world along with live information on the Indian stock market.

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