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ASDA loans uk advice

by Jim ONeil on October 26, 2010

in high street loans

ASDA is a part of the giant Wal-mart company and offers great unsecured loans to UK residents. The company has a partnership with GE Consumer Finance
and offers a wide range of financial products and services which includes unsecured personal loans. Basically, ASDA loans are offered in two different categories- little loans and personal loans.

ASDA offers loans of up to GBP 25,000 to individuals over 24 years of age that are employed. These loans are offered as unsecured funds and would not require you to offer any collateral. The company offers its loan in two categories- the little loans offer funds from GBP 3000 to 7000 while the personal loans range from GBP 7500 and 25,000. In order to apply for these loans, you would need to provide your banking details, employment details, monthly income as well as expense details as well as details about your address for the past 3 years.

The company offers fast decisions for their unsecured personal loans which is one of the main benefits. The loans are approved and the funds are made available to the borrowers within 48 hours. The term for their unsecured loan can be up to 84 months. Borrowers would not be allowed to pay any additional sum each month but they would be able to settle their account early by paying off the lump sum amount that is due on the loan. Like most other loan companies, even
ASDA offers a payment holiday of 3 months at the beginning of the loan term. The option of insuring the loan is also offered to the borrowers. In fact, the company offers three different insurance plans for covering the loan payments.

Benefits of the ASDA loans

There are several benefits that the borrowers can enjoy when they take an unsecured loan from ASDA. There are two different categories of loans offered so the borrowers would be able to easily find the type of loan that they want. Not many companies provide an unsecured loan of as less as GBP 3000 which is one of the benefits that is offered by the company. The online loan application that is offered by the company is another major benefit since it helps borrowers save time when they need the funds urgently. The funds can be transferred in the account of the borrower in as little as 48 hours which is one of the main benefits.

Even the interest rates that are offered by the company are quite competitive. The typical APR is 7.4% for their unsecured personal loans over GBP 7500 while for the little loans below GBP 7500, the typical APR is of 12.9%. ASDA loans offer good flexibility as well as options to borrowers with their unsecured loans which makes these loans quite popular among the borrowers today.

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