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Improve Your Credit To Secure The Best Rates

by Jim ONeil on April 26, 2011

in Bad Credit History

Moneysupermarket predicts that many UK consumers will consolidate their debts due to stretched household finances resulting from the budget cuts. Before they apply for personal loans and credit cards to do this, they should get their credit history in order.

A regular check of the credit file and some attention to the credit rating can make a huge difference when applying for these products.

There is a large difference between products available for people with good credit and those for individuals with poor credit. If the credit is not in good shape, the borrower may pay thousands of pounds more in interest, says Moneysupermarket head of banking Kevin Mountford.

He stresses the importance of not letting the credit rating slip because this can take time to repair.

With the Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card, an individual receives a 20-month interest-free balance transfer period. However, only those with an excellent credit rating will qualify. Someone whose credit is poor may only be eligible for a 39.9 percent APR credit card.

Making the minimum payments for a £1,000 balance would cost this person interest of £632.29 over the initial two years.

People who want to rebuild their credit may find a pre-pay card UK helpful. This card is available to anyone, regardless of credit history or rating. Users load money onto the card and can only spend up to the balance. Using this type of card helps people practice responsible spending so they can pay off other debts.

A pre-pay card is just one tool to help improve the credit rating. Once credit is in top shape, individuals may qualify for loans bank offered that have a much lower APR than payday loans. They may also qualify for credit cards with lower APRs.

These will allow them to consolidate their debts and avoid paying high interest rates.

patte delvialk

In recent months I've made much improvement in the way I was working to fix my bad credit report. I needed to repair the damage that I had on my report. Unless you've been there, you have no idea how much your credit can drop when you have financial troubles. Fortunately I found good information that has helped me improve my credit. My financial situation changed drastically some months back. When I got back on my feet, financially it was a relief but the damage had been done.

One of the ways I was able to fix my bad credit report and start to repair the image my credit report was giving was by disputing. You may read a lot about disputing online but not all of that information is effective. You have to understand the process the dispute goes through and a little about the laws that have been established to protect you.

lende murchowand

Regarding car finance: If you’re truly making 5-9k dependably each month with only 2k of expenses, then WAIT 6 several weeks to some year, conserve and pay CASH for that vehicle you would like. Meanwhile, purchase a 3-7k vehicle, again with CASH from several weeks extra cash. Credit is perfect for when you do not have the cash. You have it. Attempting to finance the vehicle since you can’t wait a couple of several weeks to possess it’s a sign you haven’t discovered management of your capital yet.

Sofia K

now see, there are many ways to repair your credit, and you know how to do them you probably just don't feel like it, or you just don't want to. This website that helped me out a tons was only like 20 bucks or something, and it gave me over 350 pages of information packed ways to repair my credit. when i was 19, my mom ran up all my credit cards and took me down to a 400 or something like that, it too a year or so, and with these guys help, my credit was around a steady 730 or so. They really do help, I mean you can't trust anybody but yourself now a days, this worlds getting more and more messed up. That's why i chose to buy there information and do it myself. quite simple… if you want, go to

it's pretty darn hepful stuff


Hire Credit Repair Companies and Get Your Credit Back on Track


They can do nothing that you can not do yourself.

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