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What Is The Best Site To Go On To Get A Loan If You Have Bad Credit History

by Jim ONeil on January 19, 2011

in Bad Credit History

Poor credit history can limit an individual’s credit options for up to ten years. The easiest way for people with bad credit history to get a loan is to look for a secured loan provided by lenders who deal with borrowers that have bad credit history. In the secured loan arrangement, the borrower puts up the car, home, or other valuable asset as collateral.

Sites like Black Horse Finance, Link Finance, and Nemo Personal Finance are the best places to obtain bad credit history loans. Determining which lender is the best and getting the wisest deal involves several considerations. Borrowers must determine how much they want to borrow, the desired repayment term, and the monthly payment amount. They should also compare interest rates on similar loans.

Black Horse is a member of the Lloyds Banking Group and offers vehicle and personal loans. Vehicle financing is also offered at point of sale through a network of more than 7,000 dealers. Link Finance specializes in funding for the purpose of business asset acquisition. Borrowers can use these loans to purchase vehicles, machinery, equipment, or information technology products.

Nemo Personal Finance offers secured loans that allow borrowers to consolidate their debts. These loans let individuals borrow as much as 85 percent of their home value and repay the money at a

reasonable rate of interest within between five and 25 years. Even homeowners who are self employed and individuals with poor credit can find loan options suitable for their needs.

Each of these lenders offers different loan amounts to UK residents that meet certain criteria. For example, Blackhorse offers loans only to UK homeowners who are over age 18 and features one to five year repayment terms. Those interested in obtaining a loan should further research each of these lenders to see if an applicable product is available.


i have a bad credit history and poor credit how can i get help too make a better life with low repayments


Hi Herman

I would recommend checking out the following 2 companies considering your current poor credit history situation.

It is hard right now securing finance with really low APR but you should speak to either of these 2 and see if they can offer you a solution.

I hope this helps you in some way.

Black Horse Finance

Nemo Personal Finance


You can start by getting a secured credit card.

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