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peer to peer lending

Following Quakle Bust, Fears Regarding Peer To Peer Lending Increase

December 15, 2011

The online peer-to-peer lending company Quakle recently collapsed, leading UK residents to wonder how safe their money is with these money exchange programs. Savers are drawn to arrangements like these due to the higher rates of return. During the past 18 months, they have moved £192 million from their bank accounts to these sites. However, […]

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latest peer to peer lending news

November 8, 2011

Peer to peer lending is gaining in popularity all the time with more people trying out this slightly off beat and controversial form of lending. Below you will find some interesting videos, blog posts and tweets which will give you some further insights into how it works: Q&A: Peer to Peer loans … who knows […]

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Social Lending Seems Like A Good Option, But Is It

June 1, 2011

Anyone who saves money looks for the best places to put it. People want their hard-earned cash to work for them but with interest rates so low, this is easier said than done. Social lending sites tempt savers with returns that exceed those offered by banks. Though they seem to represent an alternative to investing, […]

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Comparing Peer To Peer Lending Companies and Loans

May 13, 2011

Peer to peer (P2P) lending eliminates financial institutions and providers of payday loans, enabling one individual to borrow directly from another. For some people, this is the answer to loans bank provided for which they do not qualify or that feature high interest rates. P2P lending sites match borrowers to lenders in a move to […]

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