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The new coalition government’s financial aims

by Jim ONeil on September 10, 2010

in Personal Finance News

The Coalition will seek to guarantee an injection of non-public capital into Royal Mail, including opportunities for employee coalition government
They are going to retain Post Office Ltd in public ownership, but do not mention Royal Mail, possibly suggesting that some or all of this organization could be sold.

The Coalition will make sure that Post Offices can offer an array of services so that they can sustain the network, but will examine the case for developing new sources of revenue, like the creation of a Post Office Bank.

The Coalition has decided to introduce a levy on banks. The parties in addition have decided to develop detailed proposals to tackle “unacceptable bonuses” inside the financial services sector.nick  clegg pic

The important points of these two initiatives are susceptible to further negotiation.

The Coalition has decided to bring forward further detailed proposals to foster diversity, promote mutuals and make an even more responsible and competitive banking industry.

This may include returning facets of financial services regulation to the Bank of England.

The Coalition intends to develop effective proposals to make certain the flow of credit to viable SMEs.

These should include contemplation on both an important loan guarantee scheme and the usage of net lending targets for the nationalized banks.

The Coalition will even establish an unbiased commission to research the complex issue of separating retail and investment banking, to be able to reduce systemic risk within the banking system.

This commission will be provided a preliminary time period of just one year to report.

Graham Horton

The coalition is just so unclear as to there financial direction. It changes from day to the next. No idea Clegg and Dave the Wave. Cheers Graham.

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