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What Is the Best Credit Card for Six Month’s Abroad

by Jim ONeil on May 26, 2011

in credit card debt, credit cards

If you were moving to the United States, this answer would be completely different. However, since you are only going to be there for six months, we can make some suggestions that should make your trip just a bit easier. However, it will take a bit of planning and research on your end to pull it off.

We would suggest that you use the best card you have in your wallet at the current time, meaning the lowest interest rate, for all of your travel and lodging expenses. This will enable you to keep your arrangements paid and not accumulate ridiculous amounts of interest while you are away.

Set up your account for automatic payments until you return from the trip and can make a better plan for paying off the balance.

For the rest of the trip, set yourself up with an allowance every week. We would suggest a bunch of prepaid cards where the budget can be broken out into weekly cards. This should include all meals and any small purchases that you will make during the trip.

In addition to keeping your spending on track, it will also help you avoid the interest charges that accumulate with undisciplined spending.

One final note would be to call the provider and make them aware of the trip. At times, credit card companies will see significant spending at locations where the user does not live and they will block the card from use to protect the member.

The last thing anyone needs is to attempt to check in and be refused because the card is turned down. Supply them with the agenda and dates of travel and you can avoid this problem.

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