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How Do I Get CCJ Off My Credit File

by Jim ONeil on June 1, 2011

in credit history

The first question to address here is if the CCJ is actually yours or if it is a mistake. If the listing is a mistake, there are steps that can be taken to have it removed from your report fairly quickly. However, before moving too fast, take the time to make sure that this in fact does not belong on your report.

Whenever there is a CCJ listed, it should have the contact information of the court where the action was taken. Court proceedings are public record, so you can use that information to find out exactly who and what was involved in this filing.

If the details still do not ring a bell, it is time to take it to the next level.

If the reporting is an actual mistake, contact the credit bureau that is showing the reporting on your file. File a claim to have it removed with any supporting documents you have to validate your case. If it is a mistake, it will be removed fairly quickly.

However, if the reporting is something that was truthful and the account was actually paid in full, that will still show on the credit report for six years. Make sure the account reflects the payment has been made and when the six years has passed, pull another credit report to see if it has fallen off your account.

There is one other option in that a petition can be filed with the courts to have it “set aside.” There is a fee of £75 to file the application. This will allow you as the borrower to make arrangements with the original lender. This will actually remove all negative reports and your credit report will remain untarnished.

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