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Can I Use a Credit Card to Pay My Mortgage

by Jim ONeil on May 26, 2011

in credit cards, Mortgages

While it may be possible to do this, we would have to warn you off it for a variety of reasons. First, however, let’s cover the way that this can actually happen if it is absolutely necessary.

Few mortgage companies will actually accept a credit card as a form of payment. However, the borrower can take out a cash advance and then deposit the money into their checking account and make their payment as usual.

The first and obvious problem here is that if you have to use a cash advance, there is usually a fee and a higher interest rate than usual on the card. In addition to paying the interest on the mortgage, you are now adding to your debt by paying more interest on the actual payment being made.

Even if the mortgage company allows you to use the credit card directly, the provider may still charge it as a cash advance.

When paying off a mortgage in this fashion, you are creating more debt and a much deeper hole. If the payments are too much, you would be better off contacting the mortgage company to see if the mortgage can be restructured.

While we do understand that everyone runs into financial emergencies, there are much better alternatives than using a credit card to pay the mortgage.


At worst you need to pay your mortgage. If they have redeemed the deeds and you have it in writing they have no case.

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