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Need Money Today? Consider Payday Loans

by Jim ONeil on June 13, 2011

in Payday Loans News

Did you ever get yourself into a financial jam where you needed money immediately? Unless you have a wealthy family member, the places you can get it are limited. UK residents are fortunate in that there are same-day payday loans designed for this situation.

A short-term payday loan enables a person to pay bills or have emergency car repairs performed the next day.

To repay one of these loans, the borrower provides a post-dated check that will later be used to cover the loan amount plus interest and a lender fee. The loan is approved the same day the borrower applies for it via an online application.

After the lender verifies the information provided, an approved loan is funded the following working day. The needed money is deposited directly into the borrower’s checking account.

Not everyone qualifies for this cash advance. An individual must be a UK citizen at least 18 years old. A bank account is required so the money can be transferred. A borrower also must be employed for at least three months earning a minimum salary of £1,000 monthly.

The loan application is free and can be completed entirely online without the need to fax any documents.

When reviewing their options, consumers should find the payday loans cheapest for them in terms of interest rate. Loan amounts usually range from £50 to £1,000 and interest rates are between 20 and 50 percent. As you can see, borrowers pay for the convenience of having fast access to cash without needing to go to a bank.

When a reputable lender is used, there are no security concerns. A credit check is not involved so a person need not have the highest credit score possible. Within just 24 hours, an individual can apply, be approved for, and receive the funding needed.

There are few more convenient ways to get cash this quickly.

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