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Paperless Payday Loans In The UK

by Jim ONeil on December 14, 2010

in Payday Loans News

When money is needed quickly, a payday loan is often the best option. A payday loan is a small and short-term loan that is designed to cover the expenses of the borrower until the day on which he or she is next paid. Once the borrower receives the paycheck, this cash advance loan has to be repaid, usually at a high rate of interest.

A payday loan is the perfect solution for individuals who need to pay bills immediately but do not have the required cash. In such a situation, it would not be feasible for the person to apply for a bank loan because the approval process is too lengthy. Therefore, residents of the UK instead apply for payday loans from one of the numerous companies dealing in these advances.

Prior to applying for UK payday loans, individuals must meet certain criteria. Even if those requirements are met, the applicant will be required to submit documents verifying his or her identity. In most cases, the documents must be submitted by fax. The payday lender then reviews the paperwork and verifies the individual’s identity.

The drawback in this process is that several days may be consumed by the document submission and the lender verification processes. Applicants who need money urgently cannot wait this length of time.

Others may not feel comfortable submitting documents proving their identity to an unknown organization. Identity theft is a huge problem and there is no reason to increase the chances of it happening.

An alternative is to look for payday loan providers in the UK who do not require applicants to fax identification documents. Cutting out this step reduces the amount of time needed for processing and eliminates the worry of identification paperwork falling into the wrong hands. The needed money will be in hand quickly and the individual can focus on repaying the amount due.

Pauline Dixon

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