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Payday Loans Are Perfect For Christmas Shopping

by Jim ONeil on December 21, 2010

in Payday Loans News

There is just one week of Christmas shopping left and many people are already feeling the pinch financially. Those who do not have enough cash to afford gifts for everyone on the list are taking out payday loans. These offer an easy way for shoppers to get the cash they need quickly and without the hassle of applying for a bank loan.

Consumers can usually obtain payday loans for amounts ranging from £100 and £1,000 and the money can be used for anything. The individual borrows money for the short-term and repays it when he or she receives the next wage payment. Applicants are not subject to credit checks and they do not need to make a security deposit.

Many people are struggling to pay for Christmas gifts and New Year’s party expenses, knowing that they will not get paid until month-end. Payday loans offer one way to get the needed money and they are available to both homeowners and renters. Another great aspect is that the borrower does not need to disclose these to a bank or existing lender.

To apply for a payday loan, an individual completes an online application and can often dictate the loan terms. The person does not need to submit any personal documents. Within minutes, the individual will receive a loan decision. Loan periods are usually limited to one month, giving borrowers the time they need to repay the money.

A payday loan decision is not dependent on how much money a person has borrowed in the past but they are not the solution to long-term financial issues. The individual must be at least 18 years old, have an active bank account, and have job with regular income. Anyone who meets these criteria and needs some extra cash quickly to purchase Christmas gifts should consider applying for a payday loan.

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