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Payday Loans For Plastic Surgery—What Will They Think Of Next

by Jim ONeil on February 15, 2012

in Payday Loans News

Payday loans have been recommended for many purposes, emergency car repair expenses and medical bills being two of them. But, who would have thought that lenders would recommend them for plastic surgery?

The Daily Mail recently reported that providers of these no credit check loans are marketing services to UK consumers considering plastic surgery.

One UK lending site goes so far as claiming that defects in the appearance can be an obstacle to self-confidence. It recommends its so-called cheap loans to pay for plastic surgery. The website features beautiful women dressed in expensive clothing carrying armfuls of shopping bags.

This lender is playing on the desire that many women have to look more attractive.

While using payday loans to cover emergency expenses is sometimes necessary, using them to pay for a tummy tuck or breast implants is not. If people cannot afford regular living expenses, the last thing they should be doing is considering expensive plastic surgery.

They should focus on covering their bills and use this financing only when necessary.

The loans APR is something that should be considered when deciding to use payday financing. It can be hundreds or thousands of percent. Not a huge deal if the loan is repaid quickly but when used for plastic surgery, that may be impossible.

Surgery bills are usually thousands of dollars, making it necessary to take more than one loan.

If this money is not repaid during the initial term, interest and fees increase.

Anyone who is unable to afford plastic surgery should probably not be considering it. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons President-Elect, Rajiv Grover, agrees. He told the Daily Mail that people should wait to have the procedure performed if they need a loan for it.

While saving the money, consumers can determine whether this surgery is something they really need.

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