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Payday Loans Have Merit As A Short Term Financial Solution

by Jim ONeil on January 10, 2011

in Payday Loans News

In many cases, the press is critical of payday loans in its mentions and articles regarding the topic. However, previous loan customers and faxless payday loan companies in the UK recommend these cash advances, especially during months such as January.

Cash Choice, a payday loan lender in the UK, reports that depending on how the money is used, it can help families with cash flow issues present during months like January.

Cash Choice and other reputable payday loan lenders recommend that payday loans should only be used as emergency solutions to cash flow problems. January is traditionally a difficult month financially due to holiday celebrations and overspending on Christmas gifts. The money from a payday loan should be used to pay holiday bills, not for luxury items or entertainment.

Using the money to pay utility bills during colder months is another smart practice. Prompt payment of mobile phone bills will keep these from slipping into arrears, potentially affecting the credit rating. It is much better to use payday loan cash to pay credit card bills than to create potentially larger financial issues in the future.

Viewing the payday loan as a short-term financial solution to an emergency situation is the best perspective. Spending the loan money on frivolities will make the January financial issues slip into February

and possibly even future months. Therefore, a realistic approach needs to be taken when these loans are involved.

Payday loans provide a way for individuals to quickly get cash, which is not a trait that many other financing solutions share. In addition, they feature instant decisions on the application and make the borrower aware up front how much must be repaid. Those who repay the money within the specified timeframe often do not hesitate to consider applying for another payday loan when the situation requires fast access to cash.


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