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Female Lifestyle Choices Have Decreased Gender Gap

by Jim ONeil on December 28, 2010

in Personal Finance News

London School of Economics sociologist Catherine Hakim reports that the fight for equality in the workplace has been won by women. She believes the current gender-based pay gap is the result of females who have elected to raise a family instead of focusing on their career. Dr. Hakim feels that more stringent equality laws will not open additional doors for women in the workforce.

Dr. Hakim’s report will be published next month. In it, she states that the gender pay gap has decreased to a mere ten percent as a result of British government policies. She believes that any new government legislation regarding the promotion of equality is “pointless” and has its roots in “feminist myths”. She does not believe it is worthwhile to worry about the current gender pay gap.

Part of the issue, as Dr. Hakim sees it, is that people are confusing equivalent opportunities with equivalent outcomes. She believes that women now have equal access to opportunities within the labor market. Dr. Hakim believes that women have found the jobs they want and they do not have the same career ambitions or values as men.

She said that females have the ability to make active choices about whether to assume a senior corporate role or have a family. Those women who elect to juggle a family and role as a top executive usually have only one child. These females are engaged in an ongoing struggle to spend more time with the child.

Labour peer Lord Davies is conducting a government review to determine whether company board of directors should be mandated to include a minimum of 40 percent women. Says Dr. Hakim, getting to the top involves working long hours and making a nearly complete commitment to the career, no matter your sex. According to Dr. Hakim, the workplace must begin focusing on another big issue: racism.




I realise that this is slightly off tack but it seems the author of this article is unaware of the very prominent role many female editors have had behind the scenes at wikipedia for example since its founding. Angela Beesley stands out very clearly in my mind – if I remember correctly, she was a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's board of trustees for some time. Gender gap? I say “didn't do the research.”

Madronna Holden

The World Gender Gap Report (see our links page) lends some serious perspective here. I sometimes find that younger women also do not understand how much of a historical struggle the rights they do have has taken to garner.
I am glad you will be reading Earth Democracy! Shiva is inspiring in a number of ways.

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