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Making The Bold Career Change Decision Requires A Task List

by Jim ONeil on May 24, 2011

in Personal Finance News

Some of us dream of new careers but fewer implement this idea. The longer we have to plan for a new career, the better. Taking time to try out different possibilities and do some role-playing allows a person to identify whether this is really the new career of choice.

Some people find that after volunteering in a role, they really do not like the job.

Before changing careers, identify what lies underneath the desire to make this move. Disillusionment, stress, and lack of advancement are common reasons. It often takes a crisis to make us see that change is needed so think about life in broader terms.

Work with the situation, allowing it to point you in the right direction.

Getting life in order prior to making a career change is smart. When other aspects of life are on track, the new career will come more easily. Consolidate debt and rid the home of clutter. Think about aspects of life that require only a few changes and make these.

Find cheap loans and refinance high-priced debt, then set aside enough money to live on through the initial phase of the new career.

If new skills will be needed in the upcoming career, take a practical approach. Begin by taking one class, not a full load. Reevaluate the desire when the semester ends to see if the new field is still a goal. Planning smartly by getting the new degree or skills before leaving the current employer is advisable.

Map a path to the ultimate goal regarding the career and take one step on this path each day. Think about what must be done to achieve results and address each issue one by one. Realize that a mourning period may follow the move to a new career and work through it, maintaining self-confidence.

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