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Personal Finance News – Get The Finances In Order For The New Year

by Jim ONeil on January 8, 2011

in Personal Finance News

With the new year comes the resolution to become more financially sound. Holiday overspending leads to renewed determination and a plan regarding financial stability. The government warns of a rocky road in 2011, with food, gas, and energy prices increasing and a real reduction in take-home wages. Consumers must make extra effort to shore up their finances in 2011.

One way to save money is to switch electricity and gas suppliers. If this has not been done within the past 12 months, there is a potential to save more than £100 annually by doing so in 2011. Many people experienced an increase in energy prices in December. If a switch is not in order, moving to a web-based, paperless tariff with direct debit billing can reduce the bill by almost ten percent.

Making big-ticket purchases before the VAT increases from 17.5 to 20 percent is also a smart move. However, do not make needless purchases. Take inventory of ongoing purchases that feature VAT and determine if any can be reduced or eliminated. Most children’s clothing, food, magazines, and newspapers are exempt from VAT.

Within the last two years, auto insurances costs have risen more quickly than any other area of personal finance. Comparing premiums offered by several providers for the same level of coverage may result in some savings. Be wary of over-insuring and lower premiums by increasing the excess on the policy. Some negotiation or haggling may enable consumers to further reduce their premiums.

Introduction of NEST and other changes to the pension system result in a major overhaul in 2011. Legislation has been passed to increase the eligibility age for pension draws to 66. Consumers should take control of their retirement finances and begin saving money in a pension offered by an employer. Employer-provided plans often feature an employer matching contribution, an added benefit.

winsky alaseraldo

This economic crisis continues to be actively orchestrated through Britain to be able to bring the people to their knees. The thing would be to destroy financial systems and purchase in the real assets for pennies about the dollar, while forcing nations to surrender their financial sovereignty to some super national, imperial currency.

By controlling inflation and deflation the bankers can destroy financial systems and buy them up. Take a look at what’s happening here in america. Banks are failing, as well as instead of allowing them to fail, the federal government is giving our tax dollars for them through the billions. Plus they are while using tax dollars to purchase up other companies. We’re able to even see states seceding in the union consequently from the coming collapse. Obviously that will only help the empire.


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