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The National Minimum Wage Has Increased – Are You Keeping Up With It?

by Jim ONeil on December 26, 2010

in Personal Finance News

National Minimum Wages have increased in UK for everyone. If this applies to your family or you, ensure that you receive the rise.

As of October 1st, 2010 as many as 970,000 individuals will be earning more thanks to the National Minimum Wage increase in UK. Those who take home standard minimum wage rates, which had only been paid to those workers aged 22 and over, would now also be available to individuals who are above 21. These individuals will be able to enjoy a pay increase of 13p/hour to GBP 5.93.

The people in the age group of 18 to 20 years will enjoy an hourly rise by 9p up to GBP 4.92. Those who are in the age group of 16 and 17 would be able to receive an hourly pay rise of 7p which will increase the hourly wage rate to GBP 3.64.

Another major advantage is that a National Minimum Wage has, for the first ever time, been established for individuals undertaking apprenticeship. The rate has been set at GBP 2.50/hour for people under and over age of nineteen in their first study year. The apprentices who are over age of nineteen, who are in the second year will now be able to claim for the same minimum wage like the other people in the same age group.

If you are eligible for National Minimum Wage rate or are currently undertaking apprenticeship then you must ensure that your company pays you the updated remuneration accordingly.

It may feel a little awkward to discuss your pay but the employers today have more incentives to update their wages timely since from January, UK Department of Business would be introducing a campaign called “name and shame” which will highlight the companies that do not pay their employees on time as per the minimum wage. If your company is not playing by these rules, you can lodge a complaint or get an advice through Pay and Work Rights Helpline.

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