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Scottish Students Are Officially Poorest In The UK

by Jim ONeil on August 20, 2011

in student finance

Being a student in Scotland is not easy, especially because it requires living on a lower income than students in other areas of the UK. In addition, Scottish students are more likely than other UK students to need paid employment in order to survive financially. The school years become more difficult when students struggle due to money.

In the UK as a whole, over 50 percent of students have difficulty getting by monetarily. Nearly one in five report not having enough funds to carry them through each month. Scottish students live on six percent less money, on average, than other students in the UK. The most recent Lloyds TSB Student Finance Report indicates that they survive on only £5,640 per year.

While slightly over half of students in the UK take on paid work while in school, three-fifths of Scottish students do. The only area with a higher figure was North East of England. As financial pressure increases, it is believed that more students are electing to reside at home during their school  years. According to the bank, many students restricted entertainment and non-essential spending in 2010.

More than one-third of students report tapping into their savings to make ends meet. Nearly one-third say they had to ask family or friends for financial assistance. About half of students in Scotland must take on commercial loans to survive. According to experts, Scottish students receive less in student loans and grants than students in other areas of the UK.

Though paid work teaches students good habits and provides valuable experience, it can impact studies. Nearly one quarter of students report that it does. The poorest Scottish students receive about £1,000 less financial aid than a person on benefits seeking a job. These factors may be why Scotland has one of the highest school dropout rates within the UK.

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