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UK Street Protest One Of The Largest In History

by Jim ONeil on April 7, 2011

in student finance

Between one-quart and one-half million people took to the central London streets recently to protest against public services cuts. The march was organized by trade unions but people from all backgrounds participated.

Students protesting educational fee increases marched alongside mothers disgruntled by childcare center closures and pensioners upset by the elimination of health services and senior centers.

This was the largest demonstration within the UK since the Iraq War protest march in 2003 and one of the largest marches in British history. Thousands of people traveled by train and bus to march through the London streets to a Hyde Park rally.

Though the protest was generally peaceful, several attacks took place on local symbols of wealth like the Ritz.

This march was larger than expected and “showed the anger of ordinary working people,” according to Dave Prentis, general secretary of public service trade union Unison.

The cuts being protested were part of a national reform package. This created a protest more focused than one that might take place in the U.S., where cuts pepper federal, state, and local government levels.

Many voters in Britain feel that their last election was a bait and switch. Conservatives spend most of their campaign time prior to the 2010 election saying that they were not the “nasty party.”

They then rushed to make cuts in public services, all the while ignoring things like corporate tax evasion. This did nothing to improve their reputation as aristocrats maintaining their lifestyles with a bill footed by the middle and working classes.

Nick Clegg, a Liberal Democrat leader and a member of the governing coalition, went so far as to break his pre-election promise to oppose increases in tuition.

This has left many young supporters outraged as they are forced to take out loans to pay for their education. Cheap loans are hard to come by these days and students are in one of the worst positions financially.

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