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My Bank Won’t Let Me Cut My Overdraft Why Is That

by Jim ONeil on May 18, 2011

in bank overdrafts, uk banks

The situation in question relates to an individual who had their account frozen in overdraft status and for some reason they were unable to make payments against the debt owed. This is a fairly rare situation and we believe it may have been more of a miscommunication than anything else.

When an account goes into overdraft status, the depositor must clear the account up immediately. If the account is not rectified, they stand to accumulate further fees and penalties from the bank. While they will lose the ability to use the account until this is rectified, they should be able to make payments against the debt with little difficulty.

If someone finds themselves in this position, they should immediately make an appointment with a customer service representative at their bank to get the situation rectified. They may be required to make payments at the counter, but they will definitely be able to clear the account up.

It may be a good idea to address the terms of payback so no future fees are accumulated until the overdraft status has been removed from the account.

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