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Crisis Loan Cut Back Could Drive Sick People To Loan Sharks

by Jim ONeil on March 16, 2011

in uk loans news

Accusations surfaced that the UK government is forcing the neediest residents of Scotland to turn to loan sharks. The government is debating the Welfare Bill, which could drive cancer patients to poverty. A universal benefit in the bill makes it more difficult for people to live on the support of welfare and encourages continued work by able-bodied individuals.

Eilidh Whiteford, the Buchan and Banff MP, stated that crisis loans will not be available for things like beds or cookers. In addition, only three loans will be permitted within a year. She reports that since these loans are repaid by borrowers, such changes are not related to government attempts to save money.

Ms. Whiteford believes that the changes will force individuals who are already in crisis to take out high interest rate loans or seek out loan sharks. She is requesting that the Scottish government assume more control of welfare, as well as the economy.

The most vulnerable populations require more support so they can continue to be eligible for loans cheapest on their wallets.

Anne Begg, Aberdeen South Labour MP, stated that individuals with other serious chronic illnesses will also suffer, as will those who need more than one year to recover from a nervous breakdown. The government has proposed cutting disability benefits for people requiring 24-hour residential care.

East Falkirk and Linlithgow MP Michael Connarty related to the cuts to reducing the quality of life to “a prison sentence.”

The welfare reforms that aim to get more people working will not prove effective, since there are no jobs available, says Ann McKechin, Labour shadow Scottish secretary. A group of 39 charities objected to provisions that affect cancer patients.

Though they agree that the welfare system must be reformed, they do not want to see this done at the detriment of these individuals.

lorecadua yusnils

too much rant to read.

ebbes auerbasia

Man, that is crazy. The past leader of this country brought us down for years, and now the new Leaders are bringing us down too. Vote raving loonie, they’d run the country better

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