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Bad Credit Mobile Phones Revealed

by Jim ONeil on September 4, 2010

Here in the United Kingdom, the first thing that mobile cellular phone network operators do when you apply for a mobile phone contract is check your paying capabilities. This is understandable since being a business enterprise their main aim is to assure themselves that they earn from you after they provide with the connection services that you need.

Hence, a credit check is done. Your biggest dilemma is if you have an adverse credit history, a snag in one of your utility payments ij the past, or worst, a bankruptcy filed before. The chances of your application getting approved are so small my suggestion is you’d rather not apply. But what if you badly need a mobile phone for business purposes?

The truth is, there are not so many United Kingdom firms out there which provide mobile phone contracts to individuals with bad credit profiles just simply because of the risk it entails. But there are still companies that can extend bad credit mobile phones and all you have to do is locate them.

First off, you need to know that each mobile phone company has a different set of approval guidelines and they are based on the type of phone and the cost of the mobile phone plan being applied for. So if you have a bad credit profile, try applying initially on a lower-priced mobile phone with an easy-to-pay plan and do not set your eyes yet on the high-priced ones until you are able to establish a good credit line by paying your monthly dues in time.

The second thing you may need to secure is a working UK bank account. Equipped with a bank account may eliminate the regular credit check since they are partially assured of getting paid because of the existence of a bank account, an item that also requires credit check and approval. So having a UK account only means that you have undergone some form of credit investigation the past.

As was mentioned earlier, the higher the cost of the plan and the phone, the more difficult it is to gain approval for the application. So settle in the meantime with a lower priced phone. And work your way up by religiously paying your mobile phone bills on time, as much as possible even a day ahead. Bad credit mobile phones would fetch at a relatively higher price than the regular ones but you have to bend over backwards until such time that your credit rating is back to the low risk level and you can get approval for an upgrade. Until then, the chances of getting a costlier and fancier phone would not be in the works for you.

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