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Bad Credit Secured Loans In Detail

by Jim ONeil on September 4, 2010

Tired of being repeatedly turned down on all your loan applications because of your adverse credit profile? Then it is high time for you to seek an application for a bad credit secured loan. There are two major types of loans, the secured type and the unsecured type of loan. The latter requires that the applicant bear impeccable if not middle risk credit rates and scores.

Secured loans such as credit card loans and other types that do not require you shelling out anything before the loan is processed necessitate a more tedious type of credit investigation simply because this type of loan poses a bigger risk for the lender. Without the guarantee of repayment, they want to make sure that you have honored similar contracts in the past before they approve your application. In reverse, a bad credit secured loan requires that the borrower provide something of value as (called a collateral) to assure the repayment of the borrower’s debt.

In the event that there is a remiss in payments, the lender has the right to repossess the collateral as part of the missed payments. And they are also allowed by law to resell the collateral as part of the recovery process on your missed payments. The great thing about bad credit secured loans is that since a collateral is made (making the lender assured of either repayment or repossession), interest rates come in as low as unsecured loans.

Assets such as real estate and high priced jewelries can become collateral and is up for appraisal by the company extending you the loan. Presenting a collateral allows you to borrow the same amount as the appraised value of the security deposit (collateral) or for some lending companies even more than the book value of the collateral.

And one of the great things about bad credit secured loan is that if it is a personal asset like a house and lot or a car, in most cases you are still allowed to use the said items as long as you are consistently paying your monthly amortizations on time. If you do not, then it is going to be repossession if your collateral is an automobile and foreclosure if it is a property. If the collateral is in a different form like jewelry and other valuable items, you are required to turn those over to the lending company at the onset of the loan process.

Bad credit secured loans are aplenty in print ads and more recently on the worldwide web. All you have to search and compare their rates and choose who among them offers the best deals. The online bad secured loan sites even have applications ready online so all you have to is fill them up and wait.

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