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Payday Loans with Bad Credit

by Jim ONeil on September 4, 2010

It is weeks before payday and you are running out of money. You want to get a loan but your chances of getting one is severely dim because of bad credit that you have incurred or are still incurring. If you have these problems then despair no more because there are options that are available for you. Financing companies are creating a niche in the market for those planning to avail of payday loans but are currently not in good financial shape.

Get quick cash advances by applying for the QuickQuid Payday Loans Advantage. QuickQuid is a financing company that specializes in payday loans. The company is a reputable money lender based in the United Kingdom.  It is an online company that provides cash advances and same-day funding at no extra cost. People with less than perfect credit ratings are welcome to avail of a pay cheque loans from QuickQuid. Additionally, QuickQuid may help improve your credit rating by making timely payments on your loans.  It offers up to £1500 for existing customers and up to £1000 for new customers.

Through QuickQuid, you can apply for a bad credit loan online. Online application gives you the privacy and the convenience. Application forms take only about five minutes to fill out. QuickQuid makes sure that online applications are protected from online risk. Confidential data is treated with respect and integrity. Its database is protected using VeriSign Secure, the same technology that protects banks and corporations.

QuickQuid processes your applications quickly. And in a matter of half an hour, you will receive notice whether or not the loan is approved. Additionally, QuickQuid provides exceptional customer service. Customer representatives are trained to answer questions on bad credit loans as alternatives. With QuickQuid, bad credit loans can be transformed into smart transactions. It can be a means to pay bills on time. Timely repayment can also be used as leverage to improve your credit rating.

QuickQuid Payday Loans are payable in two pay periods. Payment options are easy and hassle free.  In the Loan Due Date dropdown tab, your payment options are listed. The first due day allows QuickQuid to debit the loan amount and finance charges from your bank account on this day. Choosing the second due date allows QuickQuid to debit the loan amount on the earlier, first due date and the financial charges on the later, second due date. Loan extensions are also available for individuals who are eligible for the service. A request for extension extends for one pay period the due date for your payment of the loan’s principal amount. Payment reminders are sent via email one or two days before it is due.

QuickQuid Payday Loans easy and convenient. These are the perfect alternative for individuals with poor credit performance who are running short of cash flow.

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