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Unsecured loans for UK residents

by Jim ONeil on October 22, 2010

in unsecured loans

An increasing number of people in UK today rely on loans of all kinds in order to handle their expenses. With lower incomes, it becomes difficult for these people to manage their funds which is one of the reasons why they have to take loans quite often.

Unsecured loans are among the most popular loan products today since these loans are available to those who are tenants, students or do not wish to offer their property as collateral. With an unsecured loan, the risk for the borrower is less since the loan company would not have any direct charge on their property.

Features of unsecured loans

With unsecured personal loans, there is no requirement to offer the property as collateral. For this reason, this type of loan would be available to those who are staying with parents, do not own a property, are students or tenants. Even homeowners who only require a smaller loan can apply for an unsecured loan. The maximum amount that would be offered by loan companies through an unsecured loan would be GBP 25,000. These loans are offered as short term funds for emergencies. The term for the loan is usually up to five years but in some cases, there might be lenders who would be willing to offer a longer term.

Unsecured loans in UK are offered by a large number of banks, financial institutions as well as several online lenders. The online loans are gaining popularity
quite rapidly because of the easy terms and conditions as well as competitive rates that they offer. Some of the loan companies offering unsecured loans in UK include Halifax, Santander, AA Loans, Nationwide etc.

Several benefits of using unsecured loans

Borrowers can enjoy quite a lot of benefits by using an unsecured loan. The biggest benefit is that they would not have to risk their property in order to arrange for funds since they would be able to get the loan whenever they wish to without having to offer collateral. The lenders offer approvals quite rapidly since the approval processes are very short. Most borrowers prefer these loans rather than secured loans since unsecured loans involve lesser paperwork or hassles.

However, borrowers should remember that unsecured loans are not really cost effective options when compared to the secured loans since the lenders would want to balance their risk by charging higher interest rates. In a few cases, some lenders might be willing to offer unsecured loans to borrowers with a bad credit history. This would mainly depend on the policy and the terms and conditions of the loan company. However, in order to find the best possible lender, it would be important for the borrowers to fist shop around and compare all of their options. With the large number of lenders that offer these loans today, finding one would definitely not be difficult.

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