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Payday Loan News – Doorstep Cash Loans Offer Convenient Funding

by Jim ONeil on January 16, 2011

in unsecured loans

Many payday loan companies operate online, allowing borrowers to apply for the loan on the Web, fax supporting documentation, and receive a funding decision within minutes. This makes it very easy for people to get a short-term loan through their next payday. With doorstep cash loans, the convenience of payday loans has been taken an extra step.

When applying for a doorstep cash loan, the lending company comes to the applicant’s door. Borrowers can receive between £50 and £500 without having to fax any paperwork or documentation. If the individual has poor credit or is a renter rather than a homeowner, this is not an issue. The lending companies do not conduct a credit check or make inquiries regarding collateral.

To qualify for a doorstep cash loan, an individual must be a citizen of the UK who is over 18 years old. He or she must also have a permanent job and a valid savings account. As long as these conditions are met, the individual is welcome to apply for a loan. The money received can be used to pay for car or home repairs, childcare expenses, grocery bills, or anything else necessary.

Lending companies will request a post dated check for the repayment amount. If the loan is repaid according to the agreed terms, the individual will be viewed as credible within the loan market. This can

also make a positive impact on a person’s credit record, something that benefits every consumer.

Due to their convenience and the various facilities that provide them, the popularity of doorstep loans is increasing. The service they provide helps residents of the UK meet their short-term financial needs. Elimination of the requirement to fax documentation or complete paperwork when applying makes these loans much more convenient for anyone who needs cash in a hurry.


i would not say that a "bad credit loan" does not exist. All that it is, is a high interest loan for a short amount of time.


A bad credit loan history is like having contracted an infectious disease an illness that is hard to get rid of too

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